Innere Stärke für Frauen

in english
in Berlin

Heal the wounds

Through acceptance, understanding and spaciousness, we can uncover and heal the deepest wounds of our soul. (Thomas Trobe, one of my teachers of therapy).

I offer psychotherapy in English language in Berlin-Schöneberg. My two practices are both located in this area of Berlin.

Location and financing

  • Kassenpraxis
    near U Magdalenenstraße (U5)

    At this practice, I can offer psychotherapeutic treatment under public health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenkassen).

    It is located at:
    U Magdalenenstraße (U5)
    Glaschkestraße 2
    10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg.


In both cases you can contact me
by e-mail,
by phone 030 – 78 71 07 61.

My therapeutic approach

The “umbrella-technique” is called Tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Psychotherapie, which derives from the psychoanalysis from Sigmund Freud. His theory and method have gone through more than 100 years of development. The particular approach I use focusses more on the “here and now” problems and difficulties. Still it also takes a close look at the client's personal history, including his/her childhood, as well as his/her environmental development in order to be able to cope with his/her daily life’s problems. The strategies he/she developed as a child may not be appropriate any more for the grown up person…

The emphasis of my therapeutic approach is put on self-love, awareness, self-esteem, mindfulness and the integrative way of using therapeutic methods according to the client's needs at that very moment. Therefore, it is not a question of using just Gestalt therapy or client centered therapy or body-oriented therapy, but a synthesis of these approaches, which means using elements of each method depending on what appears appropriate at that moment.

Giving space to the needs expressed or shown at such a moment is of vital importance for me. And it is an essential precondition in order to give trust a chance to develop eventually.

My approach particularly includes the discovery and enhancing of resources. There can be inner resources, such as skills, abilities, communication, body-awareness, self-awareness, intelligence, asking for help, creativity, for example.

And there may be outer resources, such as friends, colleagues, nature, a pet-animal, money, a good job, a diploma, a nice appartment, etc. They can be used as tools to enhance self-esteem and self-love: it is all about finding out what is there and giving it space to grow.

My therapeutic approach includes the work with the inner child, which describes the vulnerable part inside of us.
This inner child shows two main faces:

The healthy inner child is alive, creative, joyful and a strong resource to overcome trauma and depression, wanting to discover the adventure of life.

And the wounded inner child, wounded by any kind of invasion of boundaries, or deprivation from basic needs. This wounded or deprived inner child has established strategies in order to survive, which were most likely helpful in his/her childhood, but probably not appropriate to cope with today’s daily life.

The therapy consists of enhancing the healthy inner child as well as the competent and loving adult by discovering together the client’s resources and strengths.
The wounded child needs help and healing - it contains the potential of depth and wisdom, which is an extremely precious resource.

Concerning my qualification

I’ve studied psychology at the FU Berlin and hold a diploma in clinical psychology as well as the German state approved „Approbation“(license), which allows me to accept clients of all kinds in the psychological/psychotherapeutic field.

Issues of women

My work is focused on the issues of women, concerning all fields of the female world:

  • All women, who have an issue concerning their relationship, their loneliness, their insecurities in all fields, and relating-concerns, low self-esteem, self-worth etc. Women with issues concerning their professional development, their childbirth and children’s upbringings…. Women with questions concerning their individuality, their personal growth etc.
  • Queer people: homosexuals, trans-gender, trans-sexual, inter-sexual… among these topics I offer help if you are, for example in a situation of: fear of homophobic bullying/harrassment, coming-out problems, fears of a judgmental and prejudiced surroundings etc.